Wednesday, September 29, 2010

P.I.T #27: Scott Pilgrim vs The Fanfiction

So last month, Bryan Lee O'Malley pretty much said if his fans wanted more Scott Pilgrim we'd have to fanfic it. While most would consider such a statement was that all the story that needed to be told was told. Andrew Cook, however, figured the internet would take this as a challenge. As usual, he was correct.

Not only are we featuring Scott Pilgrim fan fiction:
We introduce the next generation of fanfiction with two interactive stories from Scott Pilgrim vs the Internet. Interactive, because you can even get in on the action.

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  • Quartet for Strings No. 19 in C "Dissonant" - Mozart
  • Sonata for Violin, cello and Piano - Chopin
  • Jeux d'eau by Ravel
  • In der Natur - Dvořák
  • Romanian Rhapsody No.1 in A major - Enescu

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