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Episode 11: The End of the Beginning

Intro: Fuji 8 Japan Ident.
In this episode, Andrew Cooke had recorded the installments 4 - 6 of American Kitsune by David Gonterman. Then the rest of the story gets dropped, due to content not featured on this program.

Andrew Cooke then reads OMGWTFBBQ to end Series 1. Special thanks to Fic Bitch for hosting this story, and providing material for some future episodes.

Again, this episode is lost. Basically Andrew Cooke announced the end of series 1.
He got a better mic. Then he swears off reading that why it was never re-recorded
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Episode 10: Enter the Daveykins

Originally Aired: September 4, 2009
Intro: cold intro to HBO 1983
The beginning of the end is the end of the beginning.

In this episode, Andrew Cook read the first three installments of American Kitsune by David Gonterman. As always you can read along when you click on the title of the story. David Gonterman has long since left the fan-fiction game but still writes fiction and original comics at FoxFire Studios.

Sorry, this one got lost

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Episode 9 - Live from Mini-Megacon

Originally Aired: August 25, 2009
Intro: WBGH Boston
Recorded live on Sunday, August 23, 2009 Andrew Cook steps out of the recording studio. He not only does his show before a live audience, but invites the elite in the room to take part. Tonight's focus is on Hans Von Hozel, an author from Germany, who wanted to learn English by way of writing fan fiction. It the time of this recording, he had done 218 stories featured on

Andrew Cook also announces the story he'll be reading for the multi-part series finale.
Which got deleted, sorry
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Episode 8: First King of Hawaiʻi ATTACK!

Original Air Date: August 10, 2009
Intro: CBS Special
This is a story like no other, at least no other Andrew Cook has read.

Written by Gofer-chan. Until the End of Time is the DBZ crossover, no one ever saw coming.

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Episode 7 - and all that Jazz

Original Air Date: August 10, 2009
Intro: Intro: Bad Starscream Russian translation
This episode is chapters 4&5 of “Morning Tea” by Lola Hard
I did a little overtime on this one.

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Also, if you wish to read more stories by Lola Hard some of them can be found here.

Episode 6: More Than Meets The Eye

Originally Broadcast: July 31, 2009
Intro: WLVI 56 Ident
The story this episode is the first three chapters of "Morning Tea" by Lola Hard
Bad news: This episode originally was going to have the entire story.
Good news: That means episode 7 is not so far away.
Good thing too because August is going to be busy. Andrew Cooke makes a big announcement during the outro and P.I.T. will never be the same again.

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Also, if you wish to read more stories by Lola Hard some of them can be found here.

Interview with The Weird Girl from Down the Road

1. I didn't get an initial response from you. How did you feel about your story being featured on this program?

I was sorta excited sorta embarassed, excited because you thought my story was good enough for your podcast, embarassed because I don't know I was.

2. Do you often write under the influence of sleep deprivation?

No the only reason I was really tired was because it was the last two days of spring break and I was trying to get on a normal sleeping routine, by staying up all night and day and going to bed at like seven.

3. I'm a bit confused as to why Spongebob turned evil in chapter 7. From my perspective, he was nothing but friendly to Edward and Bella. In return, for this hospitality, they murder his friend and rip him to shreds.
Defend them, could you?

Well the reason Bella killed Sandy was because Sandy was Bellas singer and Bella was just turned into a vampire, a year ago, in my story so she's very unexperienced compared to Edward and his family, so it sorta makes sense why Bella killed Sandy, not because of Spongebob but because she had no control. As for ripping up Spongebob, Edward did that so he couldn't expose vampires to the world, also he paniced and didn't know what to do, and acted on inscint.(I'm a bad speller)

4. Do you have a literary inspiration, or favorite author? How do they inspire you in you writing?

Not really, I was just really bored and found fanfiction, and started writing stories.

5. How many pets do you have? I notice a lot of them popping up in your author's notes.

Well I have about, eight, two cats, two gueina pigs, one dog, three ferrets, but the one I was talking about in my story died recently and is one ofthe reasons I haven't continued my story.

6. What projects are you currently working on?

I was working on three stories but I have currently took a break from writing.

Episode 5: Vampires Are Alive

Originally Broadcast June 22, 2009
Intro: ITC Ident
So far, the crossovers we've featured have been in the same genra. The mold is broken with a Twilight Spongebob Squarepants crossover that's still in progress.
It's called Bella And Edward go to Bikini Bottom
The fourth wall may never be the same again.

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Episode 4: Wagon Train in Space

Originally Broadcast: May 18, 2009
Intro:Channel 4 Ident
A special episode dedicated to Star Trek. I'm happy cause I don't have to yell at the top of my lungs.

Two stories from you here: Quantam Trek by DragonWriter and Shadows in the MiST by Sandra Guzdek.

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Interview with AnimeFan 18.0

Interview with AnimeFan 18.0

Sep 15th, 2009 by pretentiousinternettheatre Edit |

I always make it a habit to contact the authors I read stories from, or try to anyway. If you remember I did read a direct response from him in Episode 2. Here is the author that provided “Vegeta vs Pikachu” and made up the first three episodes, AnimeFan 18.0.
“1. In the opening to Chapter 1 of Vegeta vs Pikachu, you mentioned this idea had been forming for sometime. How did you come up with this?”
Whew boy…man was that a long time ago! Let’s see… I believe I was on a website called and discovered a little flash game where you fired Ki-blasts at a Pikachu (I think). After playing it, I thought something along the lines of “Hmm…I wonder what would happen if Vegeta had to fight Pikachu from Pokemon?” So I thought about it and eventually an idea for a one-shot came to me. I wrote it, posted it, saw that people liked it, and decided to continue the story. Thus, a fanfic was born.
“2 You also mention a muse that bit you, can you share a little about this muse?”
He’s a little turd, that muse is! One minute, I’m inspired to write an epic, the next I’m so disgusted with the idea I don’t want to think about it. He’s basically the personification of my whimsy-ness, and loves to toy with me when it comes to throwing ideas around in my head. -grumbleblastedmusegrumble-
“3. Do you have a literary inspiration, or favorite author? How do they inspire you in you writing?”
Ironically, I don’t read as much now as I did when I was a kid. My favorite authors from then were Eoin Colfer, Lemony Snicket, and (to an extent) JK Rowling. Now-a-days, I spend most of my reading time reading stories online or fanfiction. I need to get back in the habit of reading stories written by profesional writers; my dad’s already sugested half-a-dozen books for me to read.
Also, I can’t say that they inspired me much when I wrote Vegeta VS Pikachu, but nowaday I’m heavily inpired to try and bring my own writing to the same level (or better) as those authors I listed and the authors of other stories I’ve read.
“4. One of the obstacles with portraying Pikachu is communication. How did you come about sounding out his speech patterns before translation?”

Simple: I didn’t. I wrote the translated piece first, then added in before it a speech pattern based on what I heard from the little guy on the show. There actually was an episode were Pikachu and other Pokemon talked to each other, and it was translated at the bottom, so I guess you can say that episode influenced the way I chose to translate Pikachu’s speech.
“5. Is it a coincidence I also notice he’s the only character that cusses? Vegeta’s potty mouth seems to be a running gag throughout the story.”
No-Vegeta is so famous for his temper, I thought it would be funny to have him throw a curse word or two. So yes, that was an intentional gag.
“6. What projects are you currently working on?”
In all honesty…I have no bloody clue. The helpful hinderance that is my muse has thrown several ideas into my head, but refuses to help me expand and/or focus on one particular idea. I am, however, thinking about an idea for a video game series called Ratchet and Clank. It revolves around an origional character I’ve created and takes place before the events of the actual games. I’m also thinking about a DBZ-Kingdom Hearts crossover, but my little sister wants to learn how to write fanfiction, so I may let her do that one. Other than that…not sure. :\ Right now, my attention is mainly concentrated on origional works/ideas, so it may be awhile before I write any more fanfiction. Or I might post something two days from now! You never really know with me… XD

Episode 3 : Search for Kirk/Spock

Intro: WBZ 4 Ident 1988
It’s the last 2 chapters of Vegeta vs Pikachu. In this episode we actually get our first example of beeped language for content, albeit from Pikachu. Also, Andrew Cooke mentions the one of the big criteria for requested content.
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Episode 2 - Electric Pikachu

Originally broadcast March 29, 2009.
Intro: Thames Ident
We continue the story of Vegeta vs Pikachu, with comments from Animefan 18.0 This one promises to be my second episode yet.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Episode 1 - It All Started With a Mouse.

Here's where it all started.
It’s debut episode brings you a reading of Vegeta vs Pikachu by Animefan18.0
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Intro: PBS Ident 1971
Originally broadcast on February 22,2009.