Monday, July 25, 2011

Episode 34 : You Are Already Listening

Tonight a short program in wish we honor Toyoo Ashida, albeit with fanfiction. Also, Andrew Cook announces his upcoming panel at AFO 12.

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Tonight's stories include:

Fist of the Unlucky Star by Talos Angel
and Vampire Hunter D? by Lucinda

Saturday, July 9, 2011

P.I.T. Tea Party Episodes 2+3

P.I.T Tea Party - Episode 2: Death Curse and Taxes
Tonight Andrew Cook sits down for conversation and tea with a sage of wisdom. We discuss taxes, the government, fanfiction, and literature.

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P.I.T Tea Party - Episode 3: D
Tonight we discuss the future of entertainment, jobs in a Utopian society, taxes, and anime. Speaking of anime, Pretentious Internet Theatre will be at AFO this August.

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