Thursday, March 31, 2011

P.I.T. 33: Live from Megacon 2011

As promised, here is the live episode that was recorded last Friday at Megacon 2011. We had a few readers share readings with us. Namely stuff from Squirrellking and Peter Chimaera. We also hosted an impromptu Q&A session, which was a convention exclusive.
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Tonight's selections are:
FFVII Story of Rain Strife by Squirrellking
Resident Deadly by Peter Chimaera (read by Mr. Slippery)
Halos in Space by Squirrellking-( read by JP)The Simpsons Dinner by Peter Chimaera (read by Dick Steele)
Gundam Wing Final Battle by Peter Chimaera
The Matrix Return by Peter Chimaera (read by Kirk)
Metal Gear Solid Fight of Metal Gears by Squirrellking
DIGIMON SAVEZ THE WROLD 1111 by Peter Chimaera (read by Alex)
Castlevania: Wisps of Dracula by Peter Chimaera (Read by Dan)
Desert Bus Ride 1: A Romance Story and For Ladies by Peter Chimaera (Read by chell)
Half Life Hero Beggining by Squirrellking

P.I.T. 32: Computer Lab Apocolypse

On the eve of the live episode (held at Megacon in the Orange County Convention Center, Hall D Room 224D) Andrew Cook takes you to the future by way of the past. Witness the six part slice of life from those that risk life and limb to help college students with their computer problems.

No need to thank them, not that anyone does.

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