Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interview with The Weird Girl from Down the Road

1. I didn't get an initial response from you. How did you feel about your story being featured on this program?

I was sorta excited sorta embarassed, excited because you thought my story was good enough for your podcast, embarassed because I don't know I was.

2. Do you often write under the influence of sleep deprivation?

No the only reason I was really tired was because it was the last two days of spring break and I was trying to get on a normal sleeping routine, by staying up all night and day and going to bed at like seven.

3. I'm a bit confused as to why Spongebob turned evil in chapter 7. From my perspective, he was nothing but friendly to Edward and Bella. In return, for this hospitality, they murder his friend and rip him to shreds.
Defend them, could you?

Well the reason Bella killed Sandy was because Sandy was Bellas singer and Bella was just turned into a vampire, a year ago, in my story so she's very unexperienced compared to Edward and his family, so it sorta makes sense why Bella killed Sandy, not because of Spongebob but because she had no control. As for ripping up Spongebob, Edward did that so he couldn't expose vampires to the world, also he paniced and didn't know what to do, and acted on inscint.(I'm a bad speller)

4. Do you have a literary inspiration, or favorite author? How do they inspire you in you writing?

Not really, I was just really bored and found fanfiction, and started writing stories.

5. How many pets do you have? I notice a lot of them popping up in your author's notes.

Well I have about, eight, two cats, two gueina pigs, one dog, three ferrets, but the one I was talking about in my story died recently and is one ofthe reasons I haven't continued my story.

6. What projects are you currently working on?

I was working on three stories but I have currently took a break from writing.

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